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Player Profile


7 Right Back

  • PositionRight Back
  • Style of PlayExplosive
  • Best AttributeBlistering Pace
  • Favourite TeamChelsea
  • Favourite PlayerHazard
  • Favourite SkillRonaldo chop
  • Favourite DrillThe Beast 2
  • Favourite GoalMy one against Notts County
  • LikesSpotify
  • DislikesWasabi peas

Louis was born and raised in Nottinghamshire. He hates playing football and would much rather spend his days in a pink lycra leotard practicing ballet. His “cruel” parents (and immediate family) have however prevented him from fulfilling his dancing passion and instead decided it would be far more beneficial to ferry him to the farthest parts of Nottinghamshire so that they could, rather selfishly, stand outside in the sleet and freezing cold temperatures in an attempt to develop frostbite for at least an hour and a half every Saturday morning.